Multi-point videoconferencing system 4 sites 1080p, 16x optical zoom camera, 67° FOV

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The EVC300 Aver system allows companies, administrations or universities to be equipped with multi-site video conferences (up to 4) for an unbeatable price and quality. This all-in-one system offers a complete videoconferencing solution without additional communication, update or installation costs. The EVC300 allows videoconferencing to be recorded directly to a USB stick, or even training or meetings if the user is offline. Finally, the PTZ camera with 16X optical zoom provides a smooth, crisp image.

  • Communication up to 4 simultaneous sites
  • Automatic voice detection and highlighting of the sound transmitting site
  • Conference recording on USB stick.
  • Up to 4 chainable microphones for large rooms
  • Remote management of the videoconferencing system via WebTool
  • High quality video and audio even in degraded environments thanks to the HELPeR™ function (High Efficiency Lost Packet Recovery Mechanism)
  • Easy integration via Telnet (API)
  • Proofreading and transcription in.mov of files recorded via the VCPlayer software
  • Full HD 1080 resolution
  • Real-time video at 30 frames per second
  • Sharing content at 30 frames/second from a computer or viewer
  • Full interoperability with market players via H.323 and H.239 protocols
  • Integrated SIP server and registrar for easy communication with SIP systems
  • Standard 3-year warranty with no mandatory maintenance fees
  • Technical support in France

The EVC300 is a complete and ideal 4-site multi-point HD videoconferencing system for a wide range of markets such as business, education, government, local authorities, hospitals,.....

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