4K HDMI 4K 8 output video wall processor with seamless matrix function
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G88-HDMI Seada is a video wall processor with 8 HDMI 4K inputs and 8 HDMI 4K outputs that allows you to select one of the 8 connected HDMI 4K video sources for display on a wall with 8 monitors. Beyond this function, the processor also integrates a seamless 8x8 matrix mode that gives you the possibility to display the 8 sources as you wish on the video wall. For example on a 4x2 wall, you can display 1 source on the 8 monitors, or 2 sources in 2x2 each, or 2 sources on 2 different monitors and the rest on a 3x2 wall, etc... The G88-HDMI is also equipped with independent analog audio inputs and can also be managed as a 4K 8x8 presentation matrix with the possibility of matrixing the audio of the inputs by inserting it independently on the desired video outputs. It comes with intuitive web-based control software and can also be controlled by a Crestron, AMX, Extron room management system via IP or RS-232. G88-HDMI is a versatile solution for many video applications such as digital signage, broadcast, security, conference room, etc...

  • 8 HDMI 2.0 inputs and outputs with embedded audio
  • Supports 4K60 4:4;4 input and output 4K60 4:4;4 output
  • Simultaneous operation of video wall and 8x8 matrix
  • Independent analog audio inputs and outputs
  • Supports audio insertion and extraction
  • Supports IR die stamping
  • Seamless selection
  • Quick configuration reminder
  • HDCP compatible
  • Manages EDID for each input and output
  • Adjusting screen positions
  • IP and RS-232 control
Data sheet
Other ports
Power supply
Fields of applications
  • Hotel
  • Corporate
  • Broadcast and TV
  • Digital signage
  • Administration
  • Defence
  • Security


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