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The Vodalys Studio web platform allows you to manage the recording, production and distribution of streaming video for professional, artistic and sporting events. Very intuitive, this online streaming control unit allows you to create your project in a few clicks through 4 steps:

  • 1. Capture: recovering IP streams from video sources
Camera Source: Use a video encoder connected to your camera or video control unit. Add it as a video source to your Vodalys.Studio project

Smartphone source: Use the Vodalys.Studio Smartphone source module and an application available on the Apple & Android store to transform your smartphone into an ultra-mobile handheld camera.

Screen Source: Capture your computer screen and use it as a video source for your project thanks to the Vodalys.Studio Source module
Webcam source: Activate the webcam module of Vodalys.Studio to retrieve the video stream from it. Use your webcam to make an intervention within a conference
Video loop source : Upload on your Vodalys.Studio project a video file of credits, waiting loop.
  • 2. Enrich: Titles, subtitles, graphic overlay
Graphic inlay: Add a logo, synth or insert in real time in your live video stream, controlling the properties of the inlay (position, size, transparency...)
Subtitling: Include a subtitle in live retransmission, either in manual editing from the Vodalys.Studio console, or in automatic mode, coupled with an automatic transcription platform in real time
Insert inserts: Insert a dynamic graphic insert, editable via the Vodalys.Studio console. (Example: a score insert for a sporting event).
  • 3. Realize: Control the output video stream by becoming the director of the retransmission
Choose what should be broadcast on the output video stream: Have a real online video mixer, simply by routing the video sources from the Vodalys.Studio project to the output video stream
Choose the output video stream template: Choose whether the output video stream consists of only one or two video streams in Picture in Picture mode (video embedded in another video, for example for sign language) or Side by Side (video side by side).
  • 4. Broadcast: Choose the destinations to send the final video stream and increase your audience tenfold
Choose the social networks to which the output video stream is sent: Enable re-streaming connectors to: Facebook, Youtube, Twitter/Periscope or Dailymotion on your Vodalys.Studio project.
Add a direct broadcast player on your output streams, to insert it on your website. This player can have a controlled access (login/pass) and be customized to your graphic charter.
Monitor the audience of your destination streams: Get at a glance information on the number of views on each of your broadcast streams (live broadcasting, broadcasting to social networks) from the Vodalys.Studio console
Enable recording of your live broadcast on a "file" output stream: Have a final VOD format and video editing function to quickly generate extracts of the event for publication on social networks

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