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Teleprompter 17'' - Prompter People

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17''' Proline teleprompter for teleprompting applications. The Proline 17 is mounted without any tools for quick assembly and disassembly, with any camera size. The patent pending beam splitter assembly allows you to adjust the height and angle for a perfectly centered camera and a perfectly suitable reading angle. The assembly of the beam splitter also allows it to be folded flat so that it can be transported quickly and safely. Made of extruded aluminium and equipped with ultra-light LCD panels, the ProLine is the lightest prompter in its class. This design eliminates the need to use high-capacity tripods, which are often expensive, and significantly improves vertical and horizontal travel.

ProLine 17 is supplied with Flip-Q software, free for PC and MAC. Flip-Q automatically reverses the secondary output of the laptop so that both the technician and the presenter see a perfect text, readable from left to right. In addition, the exclusive PowerFlip software allows you to use your usual PowerPoint presentations, and automatically flips the image over for use with the ProLine. This complete software, supplied as standard, is sent to you on a USB stick and includes free lifetime updates.

The LCD screens in series with the ProLine 11/15/17/19 are the lightest and most discreet in their class. They feature VGA and composite video inputs, compatible with any computer. They are also very flexible in terms of power supply: 100-240 V AC or 12 V DC input for field use.

  • 17'' lightweight LCD
  • Compatible with any camera size, from Mini DV to lightweight electronic cameras
  • Readable up to 3.65, 5.2, 6.7 or 8.23 m
  • Flip-Q Pro software for Mac and PC included on USB stick
  • FREE PowerPoint teleprompting software
  • VGA and composite inputs
  • Operates on 100-240 V AC or 12 V DC
  • Adjustable beam splitter (height/angle)
  • Perfect balance with any camera size
  • Premium 60/40 HD beam splitter
  • Anti-reflective coating on the back
  • Folds flat for compact and safe transport
  • Can be mounted without any tools
  • LCD/Beam splitter can be changed to a larger/smaller size
  • Can be transformed into a self-supporting prompter
  • Lightweight aluminium extrusion frames
  • Easy camera adjustment on the upper side
  • 3 year warranty
Data sheet
Screen size
1x VGA
1x Composite video
Power supply
12 VDC or 100 - 240 VAC


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