Wireless Tally 6 lamps system for cameras
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The TS3019 Avmatrix is a wireless Tally system composed of a transmitter (Tally Box) and Tally lamps. This model TS3019-6 is a pack composed of a Tally Box and 6 lamps.
Thanks to its many connections (GPIO, USB, RS-232/485) the Tally Box can be connected to different devices such as PC or video switcher to send commands, in wireless mode, to Tally lamps located near the cameras. The solution also allows wireless control of PTZ cameras via keyboard through the RS-485/232 port of the Tally Box and the RS-485 port on the lamps.
The system can support up to 16 Tally lamps. The lamps have indicator lights on the front and back and the brightness can be adjusted in 4 levels. On the back of each lamp you can check the wireless signal quality and battery status.
TS3019 is an economical, easy-to-use system that will allow you to easily place Tally lights near your cameras on TV sets, in studios or conference rooms.

  • 433 Mhz wireless Tally system
  • Up to 200m of wireless transmission in sight
  • Tally Box rich in connectivity: GPIO/USB/RS232/485
  • Compatible with VMix via USB-C
  • Wireless PTZ camera control via RS-232/RS-485
  • Up to 16 lamps per system
  • Lamps with front and rear indicator lights and 4 brightness levels
  • Tally lights powered by USB-C or 18650 li-on battery
  • 1/4 inch screw pitch on lamps for easy mounting
  • Applications: TV set, TV studio, conferences, ...

Data sheet
Control ports
Transmission distance
Power supply
Fields of applications
  • Culture
  • Broadcast and TV
  • Live Events

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